WebGrease Roadmap

The roadmap outlines features that are planned to be integrated into WebGrease. These are not specifications, so any feature is subject to change.

Error Message Improvements

The current error messages output by WebGrease can be too cryptic, which can make finding and fixing issues difficult. Improved support for what the problem actually is and how it can be fixed would help developers using WebGrease.

Enable Fuzzy Parsing

WebGrease is very stringent on what css it will accept, and may choke on the input if the css is malformed. Using semantic predicates (turning features of the grammar off or on at run time), we should permit more forgiving parsing, allowing WebGrease to minimize what it understands and leave the rest of the input unaltered. This behaviour would be optional, allowing WebGrease to make a best effort attempt, while also granting developers interested in the highest performance possible and css errors at build time the same functionality.

Preserve Input Strings

Occasionally, it may be desired to include css that WebGrease should not modify. Using a block comment with a special prefix, such as /@ color: red /, WebGrease could strip out the comment and @ symbol and output the inner string unaltered.

Preserve All Comments

WebGrease strips out comments from the css that are not "important" comments- block comments that start with an exclamation mark, like /! Some Comment /. Using semantic predicates, we should allow the preservation of all comments.

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